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Congratulations to James Chettle, Masato Inoue and Eoghan Mulholland who have been awarded OxCODE funds to attend this year’s Early Detection of Cancer conference in London.

The Early Detection of Cancer conference runs this year from 10-12th October in London. The mission of the Oxford Centre for Early Cancer Detection (OxCODE) Travel Award is to raise the profile of Oxford’s early detection research by competitively funding the attendance of early career researchers (students and post-doctoral researchers) at this major annual early detection conference.

After peer review by the OxCODE Operational Group, funds were allocated to the following people:

  • Dr James Chettle (Blagden group, Department of Oncology) “The RNA binding protein LARP1 drives tumorigenesis and can be exploited for the early detection of breast and ovarian cancer”
  • Masato Inoue (Song group, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research) “A human tissue atlas of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation”
  • Dr Eoghan Mulholland (Leedham group, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics) “Epithelial Grem1 drives ectopic stem cell niche formation through stromal remodelling and tissue co-evolution in intestinal dysplasia initiation”

Congratulations to these awardees and thank you to all applicants for their submissions.