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OxCODE Funding Scheme

Mission & Overview

The mission of the Oxford Centre for Cancer Early Detection and Prevention (OxCODE) Funding Scheme is to advance innovative Oxford-based research that can be applied to cancer precision prevention and/or cancer earlier detection. Precision prevention is part of an expanded remit for OxCODE and is defined by translational research that will build and use greater biological and mechanistic understanding of cancer aetiology, genesis and risk, in order to lead to biologically informed preventative interventions.

OxCODE aims to pump-prime this research by providing short-term awards that will enable the development of proof-of-concept projects, technologies, assays, and platforms to a stage at which more long-term external funding can be sought. We would also welcome proposals that build our capabilities in data analytics and integration. Collaborative projects that cross discipline boundaries are encouraged. Fundamental science and clinical research proposals are welcome. Priority will be given to projects with a clearly articulated translational trajectory towards the ultimate longer-term goal of improving clinical outcomes by lowering cancer risk or incidence, or through earlier detection.

Award details

Maximum amount per award: £25,000

Award length: up to 12 months

Eligibility: the lead applicant must be

  • an OxCODE member
  • employed by either the University of Oxford or OUH NHS Trust for the duration of the award
  • an independent PI or post-doctoral researcher with the support of their PI

Application process

The 2024-2025 round of the OxCODE funding scheme closed on 22nd Februrary 2024.

The 2025-2026 round will open at the end of 2024.